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Napoleon Perdis Make Up Workshops

Workshop: This is the most interactive of all events. This can last between 3 and 4 hours with a minimum of 4 participants but no more than 10.

The booking fee for a workshop is $50 deposit with a minimum spend of $150 redeemable on the day. The benefits of the workshop layouts are that you will get to learn new tips and techniques, as well as having the opportunity to practice with the assistance of the professionals.

Each participant will do their own makeup and leave with a full face. This is a great session for those really wanting to learn how to apply makeup.

What are the different themes?

1. Make Me Up Workshop – Beginners workshop detailing product knowledge and application in great detail. Overall an simple, beautiful and easy to recreate look will be taught to you.

2. Runway Ready Workshop – Advanced workshop designed for participants who have already completed a Make Me up Workshop, or who already have a high level of understanding makeup application.

You will complete 3 different make-up looks and update your skills. The content of this session covers colour theory and eyes shapes.

napolean Medik8

Medik8 is a skin research company pioneering the cosmeceutical technology of providing products suitable for sensitive skin without compromising efficacy, so they may be used by everyone.

It is a myth that a product designed for sensitive skin would not be as effective just because it is less irritating.

It was previously incorrectly assumed that aggressive products causing significant inflammation gave the best results (the idea being that aggressive products provoke a healing response) but current opinion, based on the latest research, is that excessive inflammation can damage cells causing long term skin damage and perversely causing premature skin ageing.
The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency. We do this in many ways; for example:
  • using film-encapsulation,
  • chirally correct actives,
  • non-acidic derivatives
  • patented telomere extenders
  • avoiding unnecessary base actives
  • pH balancing all formulae
  • not using harsh detergents or soaps
  • selecting carrier oils based on skin compatibility

napolean Napoleon

Napoleon’s philosophy is focused on female empowerment and individuality taking a cross-generational, multi-ethnic approach to beauty. For this reason, in the span of a decade, Napoleon Perdis has made his mark around the globe with inspirational and customised capsule collections of products that empower women and give them the tools they need to bring the perfect look into their own reality


Experience and mastery of the sea have placed Thalgo at the forefront of International Spa Therapy. Since its creation in 1968, Thalgo has become a worldwide recognised brand. Cosmetic research and formulation of Marine Algae and plant based cosmetics by Thalgo began in 1964. The Marine Algae powder, awarded both a medical and process patent, gave outstanding results in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, and skin disorders, and its success has inspired the Thalgo team to branch into the cosmetology field.

Thalgo treatments draw their richness and efficiency from the marine universe. Our scientific team have developed a unique know-how in harnessing the powerful riches of the sea for aesthetic use. The sea is the cradle of life on earth and constitutes an immense reservoir of substances that are only just beginning to be realised scientifically. Algae are the base of marine care. Their active potential is immense: for example, one alga contains a thousand times more iodine, one hundred times more calcium and ten times more magnesium and copper than a terrestrial plant.


Alpha H

In a nut shell, Alpha-H is your skins new best friend. Like a good friend, Alpha-H is kind, gentle, and nurturing. It understands all your skins flaws and works tirelessly to help you overcome them. But when the occasion calls, Alpha-H can also be tough, direct, with no time for nonsense!
Alpha-H will support your skin through the good times and the bad, and only ever have its best interests in mind. We guarantee that you’ll never have another friend like Alpha-H


O Cosmedics

The secret to great skin is simple!
Its starts with a daily commitment allowing treatment results to accumulate, hence with daily use the skin just gets better & better.
The key to effective skincare is ensuring your skin care line is a cosmedical one, using the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science, the only combination that can make an actual skin difference.
O COSMEDICS uses essential concentrated vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, potent actives and its very own world exclusive V8 peptide complex™ in a biomimetic bases (natural affinity to the lipid bilayers of the skin barrier) to support skin health and ultimately skin youth.
O COSMEDICS stands for timeless and ageless beauty, the chance to be comfortable in your skin throughout the ages. O COSMEDICS empowers you to be confident because looking good means feeling good.

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